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Friday,Jun 09, 2023
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Shallow mark (Xiaoqing)
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:190        Back to List
 "Intuition!" Yun Tianqing smiled faintly at the flower demon. "I've always been very accurate in judging people." "Really." The flower demon answered thoughtfully and was silent for a long time before he spoke slowly. Do you know why I hate people who cultivate immortals? "How can I know if my sister doesn't say?" Yun Tianqing also sat down beside her, as if intending to listen carefully to each other's reasons. Although I am a demon, but accidentally fell in love with a mortal, need to know whether in the demon world or the human world, we can not be accepted, but we have to live in this Yufeng Mountain temporarily, these years are also peaceful, just.. Flower demon said here, but could not help but stop, the look in the eyes is instantly dim a lot. "Just how..?" "When Yun Tianqing saw her sad face, he knew that she might have touched on the sad past." It's just that the villagers at the foot of the mountain somehow knew about us. They were afraid that I would hurt their lives,uns c68700, so they invited a Taoist priest who cultivated immortals to come up the mountain to get rid of me. Who would have thought that the Taoist priest had evil intentions in the middle of fighting with me. He took the opportunity to kidnap my husband and threatened his life to force me to hand over the inner alchemy. Under the deadlock, my husband broke his own life in order to prevent me from being hurt. "What!"! There are such things, such behavior, is the cultivation of immortals who are not ashamed. Since cultivating immortals, I've only heard how evil the demon is,x60 line pipe, but I don't want to be a person who cultivates immortals, but his behavior is so despicable. Yun Tianqing also feels angry in his heart and clenches his fist. I killed the Taoist priest in anger, but I lost half of my spiritual power. I had no choice but to set up a boundary here. I wanted to make plans for the future after recuperation, but you suddenly broke in. At first I thought you were the Taoist priest's accomplices. I was so angry that I couldn't help killing you, but I didn't want to be defeated by you. "What's your sister going to do? I'm afraid Yufeng Mountain won't last long!" Although Yun Tianqing sympathized with the flower demon in front of him, he was afraid that he would not let her go so easily if he found her here when he thought of Elder Martial Brother's stubborn personality! "I wonder if my sister has ever heard of Ju Chao Guo?" Seeing that the flower demon was sad and silent, he suddenly remembered a place he had heard about when he was traveling in Jianghu. Ju Chao Guo?! "Well, it seems to be near Chaohu Lake. I heard that people and demons can live in harmony in that place. Sister might as well take your child there!" "Why do you." The flower demon looked at him, x52 line pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, but his eyes flashed a trace of guilt. Sister, let's go! When my senior fellow apprentice finds this place, I'm afraid you can't leave even if you want to. Yun Tianqing stood up, patted the dust on his body, and was about to leave when suddenly his eyes darkened and he staggered back a few steps. This is The things in front of him began to blur a little, and Yun Tianqing shook his head and tried to see the flower demon clearly. I'm sorry The flower demon looked at him with shame on his face. "I didn't know you would help me when we were fighting just now. There are some poisons mixed in those petals. AlthoughAfter the flower demon said these words, he did not wait for Yun Tianqing to refuse, but turned away with the baby in his arms. "Empress Emerald." Yun Tianqing thoughtfully played with the emerald in hisonal Profile | Friends View Article Shallow mark (Xiao Qingwen) deep pit. Be careful to enter ~ _ ~ Down the Mountain to Eliminate Demons (Part 2) 2008-04-19 20:04 "Fire in Purgatory!" At this moment, Xuanxiaokou read the mental method, and it was a big move of fire, and the surrounding flowers were burned to ashes in an instant. Although the scenery of Yunfeng Mountain is not a fairyland on earth, it is also full of brilliant flowers,x60 line pipe, but now this beautiful scenery has been burned almost beyond recognition by Xuanxiao's magic. Damn Where on earth did the monster take the people. Xuanxiao only felt that he had never been so flustered as he was now, looking for the blue and white figure aimlessly all over the mountains and plains. With the passage of time, the feeling of panic became more and more intense. Yun Tianqing.. You mustn't have anything to do.