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Tuesday,Feb 27, 2024
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Tianya Mingyue Dao
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:239        Back to List
 "I know, even the thumb will be killed, of course, will not let me go." "After you die," said the peacock, "no one will know whether the peacock plume is true or false." "No one else knows the secret except me," said the moon. The peacock said, "Du Lei won't go to the appointment until Shen Shi. After I kill you, I'm just in time to go. No matter who wins or loses in this battle, it's the same. The rest of them will die in my hands anyway." The moon sighed, "Your plan is very thorough, but unfortunately you forgot one thing." The peacock closed his mouth and waited for her to go on. "You forgot to ask me how I knew the peacock plume was fake," said April. Sure enough, the peacock immediately asked, "How do you know?" "I'm the only one who can tell you the secret, just because I'm the one who faked these peacock plumes," said April Heart lightly. The peacock was stunned again. "Since I can make such a peacock plume, and since I dare to give it to you casually, I certainly have the confidence to break it," said the moon. The peacock turned pale and his hands trembled. He can kill people, perhaps not because he has a peacock plume, but because he has a confident heart and a pair of calm hands. Both have now been destroyed. Mingyue Xindao said,Inflatable outdoor park, "The first peacock plume was also found by me on purpose. It took me a long time to choose you as my peacock. Because there are not many people in Jianghu who are more suitable than you, so I won't let you die casually. It's just." She stared at him, her eyes as soft as moonlight, and suddenly became as sharp as a blade. "If you want to continue to be my peacock, you have to be as obedient as a peacock. If you don't believe me, you can still go out now." The peacock clenched his hands and could not help trembling. He looked at his hands and suddenly bent down and began to vomit. There was a light thunder, and suddenly raindrops fell from the dark clouds. I don't draw my sword because I'm sure. Fu Hongxue's voice seemed to be far away, far away in the dark clouds. "When a person wants to kill someone,inflatable floating water park, he often becomes very humble, because he is not absolutely sure, so he will be anxious, afraid of missing the opportunity." He seldom spoke so much. He spoke slowly, as if he were afraid that Durey would not be able to stand it. Because he knew that every word he said would stab Durey like a blade. Du Lei's whole person has tightened, even his voice has been hoarse, "You have absolute certainty, so you are not in a hurry." Fu Hongxue nodded. "When are you going to draw your sword?" Asked Du Lei. Fu Hongxue said, "When you use the sword." "What if I don't draw my sword?" Asked Du Lei. Fu Hongxue said, "You will draw a knife, and you will be in a hurry to draw a knife." Because don't want to kill me, not because I want to kill you. So when you really die, it's not when I draw my sword, it's when you draw your sword. Du Lei's hand holding the knife was already bulging with blue veins. He didn't draw his sword, but he knew it. Sooner or later, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable bouncer, the knife will be drawn. Cold raindrops, one by one hit his body, hit his face, he faced Fu Hongxue, facing the world's unparalleled swordsman, his heart suddenly remembered his humble childhood. The streets were covered with heavy rain and mud. He ran barefoot in the mud because stopped. Ni Hui said, "The Dao is hidden in its scabbard. No one knows its sharpness and dullness. After the Dao is unsheathed, the sharp edge is already visible. No one dares to take it lightly. Therefore, a Dao is most worthless only when it is unsheathed." She then said: "Of course you understand this truth, so you let Du Lei draw the knife first." Fu Hongxue listened quietly and suddenly interrupted her, "This is also a knife skill, not a trick." "No," said Ni Hui. Fu Hongxue said, "The ingenuity of the swordsmanship is different,large inflatable water slide, and the use of it is in one mind." Her expression is very serious: "This is the peak of the knife?" Fu Hongxue Road is not 1. Ni Hui said, "Which step is the peak of knife skills?" Fu Hongxue shut up again and walked on. The sun is shining. The last ray of sunshine is always the most brilliant and beautiful, and sometimes life is the same.