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Monday,Feb 26, 2024
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Apartment in hell
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:361        Back to List

Murong Kui Huangfuqi and now this Feng Yuxian! Did the apartment deliberately choose psychopathic residents to enter How can a normal person be happy to enter this apartment "This apartment gives me a sense of hope" At this pointindicated in blood is up can you take me back to the apartment with you Since ghosts can be brought back I am afraid the residents themselves can At present it seems that as long as they touch each other they can bring them back to the apartment In the past because the execution of the blood instructions to more than the fifth time is too little and Xia yuan that time was killed before the Electrical Equipment & Supplies beginning of the blood Li Yin that time is to enter the mirror world so no residents have the opportunity to try Can the sixth to tenth households who have executed the scarlet letter bring the other households back to the apartment If it is possible is it possible as long as the residents are contacted "Indeed this is a problem" Li Yin nods say "But other dweller also can consider this problem" Is it possible to get in touch with me and go back to the apartment together Is there a limit if you take a resident back to the apartment Or does the apartment itself allow for this At this point there was a sudden silence Li Yin Midnight spoke again Don't you think the apartment is intentional "On purpose" What you said is "After the Silver Plume it was determined that bringing the ghost into the apartment would allow the ghost to be sucked into the black hole" That is to say ghosts are not unable to enter the apartment but can not exist in the apartment Householders can use this to destroy the ghost And after knowing this this time in blood there were two ghosts and Li Yin you are still confined to one of the museums Didn't the apartment do that on purpose because the residents knew it You What do you want to say "Did the apartment let us find this out on purpose or" We found it by accident so we adjusted the difficulty of the scarlet No one knows that Because no one can question the apartment Midnight the question is China Manufacturers The last time Silver Feather brought a ghost into an apartment it was a life in blood Since such a way of life is arranged the apartment is deliberately let the residents know "It's all right to think so" But Li Yin I always feel that from the point of view of the apartment I don't want the residents to find this So can you think like this "What" What are you trying to say Midnight "The way out in blood" "Is there really only one answer" This is a question that few households have thought about for a long time Many people believe that there is only one way to solve a problem in blood just like a geometric proof problem But is that really the case Will the apartment arrange more than one way out in order to balance some extremely difficult blood words If so will you fall into the dead corner of thinking if you only consider a single way of life "Midnight" You say the possibility of multiple ways out "It's just my guess" Midnight took out a piece of paper and said "In fact I carefully analyzed the previous instructions in blood and gradually found" There are some words in blood and there are several other possible ways out It's just that it can't be verified In fact we found a lot of words in blood the hint is very obscure without a very high level of wisdom simply can not find Also because I began to wonder could there actually be a more obvious hint of a way out that could be found And do we think the problem is too complicated "If you say so" It also makes sense But after all it's just a hypothesis Actually we don't have so many chances to try one by one Are these ways true or false In fact we can't tell whether these obscure hints in blood are right or not when we draw conclusions That's right That's the problem Li Yin We have no way to determine whether the way of life in blood is correct or not so we can only verify it first However the consequences of verification failure are often beyond redemption None of us can predict the future So isn't it possible that the apartment has arranged several less risky and easier ways to try That is to say In fact there Home Appliances is a way of life that does not require too much risk even if it is verified And that kind of "way out" is the real way out! This assumption said through the mouth of midnight but Li Yin was deeply shocked In fact even if we want to come up with a way out there are some situations in which lver feather may be allied with the mysterious man Li Yin also took care of some residents to monitor the movement of silver night but at present can not find any changes The mysterious man and the fragment of the contract in hell are great hopes But this hope turned into a dead letter so that Li Yin was at a loss But silver night and silver feather but hold more information than Li Yin