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Wednesday,Feb 28, 2024
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The whole world is spoiling me how to wear it.
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:248        Back to List
 The child's praise startled the little prince. He stepped back with a brush, his hands around his chest, and his face was red. "Didn't I tell you not to look back?" "But.." But Yueyue wants to see the little prince. The little prince is so beautiful! The witty Yueyue has long found that anything can be done as long as the little prince is praised for his beauty. Of course, the little prince is really beautiful. All right, all right, Prince Ben will beortably. Eh? Little prince, the back of your neck is so red! Sharp-eyed, the child noticed that the white back of the little prince's neck was red, as if there were small red pimples. The little prince struggled to twist his head, but still could not see the back of his neck, since it was found, it does not matter, scratch it. It's just a dumb kid in front of you anyway,inflatable water slide, isn't it? "Oh, little prince, don't scratch, the little red pimple is getting bigger." The little boy stamped his feet and wanted to catch the little prince's little hand, and he did. What are you doing, silly boy? The little prince blushed and glanced at the hand he was holding. Little prince, don't scratch, you'll bleed. The child anxiously explained, "Yueyue used to do this sometimes,Inflatable water park on lake, and that's how my mother caught Yueyue's hand.". Or you'll bleed, little prince. Do you itch anywhere else? Hearing his question, the little prince suddenly felt itchy all over his body. "Prince Ben seems to feel uncomfortable all over his body." The little prince's face was red, and his sapphire-like eyes were clear and beautiful. Ah, should be allergic? The child pondered for a moment, saw the little lace skirt that had been put aside, and had a brainwave. Allergies, what is that? Prince Ben has never heard of it. I just wore new clothes that had not been washed, and then I had a little pimple on my body. As the child spoke, he lowered his head. It was all his fault that he had to let the little prince change his clothes. He was sorry for the little prince. The child blinked his eyes, long and thick eyelashes hung with a few crystal clear tears, round steamed bun face wrinkled into a ball, "Whoo, sorry, little prince.." Obviously uncomfortable is oneself, why does this stupid child cry so sadly! For the sake of his sadness, Inflatable water park factory ,inflatable amusement park, Prince Ben coaxed him. "Prince Ben's skin is too delicate. It's none of your business." Qing Heng: It's obviously coaxing the child, but why does he feel so uncomfortable! Is there anyone who puts gold on his face like this? The child raised his eyes and looked at the little prince with a pair of bright black eyes. The little prince suddenly felt that his eyes were like black gems, more dazzling than sapphire. Little prince, will Yueyue give you a bath with warm water? As soon aill be more itchy, "the water is cold to come out quickly, otherwise it will catch cold." "Wordy, I know, silly boy." "The little prince was warm in his heart, and his mouth was really disgusted." This is a duckling. It can be played in the water. If the little prince likes it, he can play. The child is holding a super small plastic yellow duck in the palm of his hand, "This is the same as Yueyue's!" The child pointed to the big yellow duck beside the big bathtub and added that the little prince must like to play with the duck in the bath like him, so the thoughtful child bought the same small size for the little prince. Cut, childish. The little prince disdained to curl his lips, such a low-level little toy, the dull child should like it very much? The little prince's voice is a little small, the child did not hear clearly, downstairs father urged the voice sounded, the child hurriedly said, "little prince, Yueyue went down first." "Mmm." The little prince tried the water temperature and narrowed his eyes as if enjoying it. When the child went out on the front foot, the little prince stripped himself naked on the back foot. His snow-white skin was covered with red pimples. The little prince touched it with some heartache. It was painful and itchy. It was really uncomfortable. It was not until the whole body lay in the small bathtub that he closed his eyes comfortably, and the gurgling water passed quietly across his skin, warm and comfortable, and he instantly felt like he was back in bud. Lying lazily for a while, I picked up the little yellow duck on the edge of the bathtub and put it on the water in boredom, watching it swim and swim on it, with its bright yellow body,Inflatable water obstacle course, small black bean-like eyes and flat mouth, looking silly, just like that silly child.