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Wednesday,Feb 28, 2024
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Our News
Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:382        Back to List
 With a loud bang, Tomb Tu's attack was taken down by Poseidon's trident, but the aftermath still made Xi Yan, who had no combat experience, fly out. The petite Xi Yan fell heavily to the ground and tasted a trace of blood in her mouth. It's really vulnerable. Tomb Tu frowneround him, which he had seen in the battle of gods and demons ten thousand years ago. At that time, the colorful mermaid who accompanied Poseidon, the God of the sea, Inflatable meltdown , used this water prison to control a demon who attempted to attack Poseidon. Finally, Poseid pulled out his hand and killed him. This kind of imprisonment, if there is a strong comrade-in-arms cooperation, want to kill the demon will not be difficult. Unfortunately, the number of top allies is too small to find one who can cooperate with Xi Yan. The tomb butcher constantly attacked the barrier of the blue sea prison. With each attack, a large amount of water was broken and moistened the earth. However, the fusion power of the water element was too fast. Xi Yan constantly controlled the water source to irrigate the water prison. The gap just broken by the tomb butcher would be filled by the fresh water element in this way, which could not create enough area for him to leave. Unexpectedly, he was trapped by a mermaid who seemed to have no fighting power, and he began to attack the blue sea prison crazily. Every blow hit the blue waves of the sea prison, the distant Xi Yan will follow a slight tremor. Bibo sea prison is the most consumptive of all the skills of the mermaid. Before the mermaid's hometown was destroyed, Xi Yan didn't know anything about the mermaid's ability at all. She said that everything she knew was brought out by Shen Yanxiao before she learned from other mermaids. For the power of the mermaid, Xi Yan was not skilled in mastering it. Her only quantity was this Bibo sea prison. Only the mermaid knows that the reason why the blue sea prison has the ability to imprison the demon general depends not only on the mastery of the water element, but also on the imprisonment itself, which is closely United with the mermaid. Once the blue sea prison is broken, the released mermaid will also die, which is the absolute imprisonment released by the mermaid based on its own soul. Xi Yan only has such a move, but also the most lethal one, if you can imprison the tomb slaughter to other people to free up their hands, then kill the tomb slaughter Xi Yan can still live, if not. Xi Yan knows what his consequences are. Regarding the matter of the blue sea prison, Xi Yan no one said, even Shen Yan Xiao, she also bit to death did not open her mouth. She knew that she was weak and could not compare with others at all, and she did not want to hold others back. She has to do everything she can to avoid being a burden to others. Tomb slaughter attacks more and more frequently, Xi Yan's soul is constantly impacted, this slender body bone, shaking more and more miserable, she clenched the trident of Poseidon in her hand, with the trident of Poseidon as a medium, constantly reinforcing and filling the lack of Bibo sea prison. 2689. No Chapter 2689 delay (1). At the other end of the battlefield, the staff in Qi Xia's hand constantly flashed the light of destruction, a magic light wave, falling from the sky, without stopping toward the ghost will be smashed down. In Shen Yanxiao's adjustment of the twelve demons, she simply ranked the strength of the twelve demons. The first to bear the brunt is Yan Di, followed by the combination of Tianjue Jiying, followed by the ghost. Yan Di's powerful, even the God may not be able to deal with, so Shen Yan Xiao will deal with the task of Yan Di, to Yang Xi, with the help of Doudou,Inflatable outdoor park, Yang Xi in the twelve allied forces, the strength is second to none, and only he can deal with the attack of Yan Di.