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Wednesday,Feb 28, 2024
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Mrs. Guo
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:483        Back to List
 The girl, who was full of joy at that time, had no idea what would happen a day later. Sister just said that mheir feet and refused to ask your sister-in-law to marry him. If it hadn't been for you and Zhang Minzhong, I'm afraid they would have repented in the end. Su Ruan nods: "So I hugged a Niang to cry, agreed." The other side agreed to the Zhang family's marriage, but here she did not know how to tell Fu Yanzhi, that is,Inflatable 5k obstacle, Xue Yan at that time, until he came to the door himself. When Su Ling heard her rejection of Xue Yan, she sighed, "The situation is like this. It's no wonder that you let his family be powerless." "But after all, I turned my back on him and my heart for the sake of power and wealth." Su Ruan bent his legs and buried his face in his knees. "If he did the same thing and turned his back on me to marry a noble woman, I would never forgive him." "How is that the same?"? He is a man, a good man as his own achievements! If we sisters were not trapped in our daughters, how could we suffer all these years? I'd have gone out on my own! Su Ling's words were so heroic that Su Ruan was amused. "That's true.". However,inflatable bounce house with slide, the matter did not end here, I also later learned that Zhang Minzhong was anxious to beg his mother to propose marriage to me, because he secretly followed me that day, to our home, but also saw me meet Xue Yan. The author has something to say: It's finally early today. Good night Chapter 21 Agreed.. After talking with Su Yaoqing, Fu Yanzhi came out of his house and went directly to Fu Fu to see his great-uncle Fu Sizhong. Fu Sizhong had already known the series of experiences of this worry-free grandnephew, from disobeying orders and being dismissed from office, to being sent to Lingnan, to marrying with Xu's wife and being exempted from exile. So when he saw Fu Yanzhi, the old man's expression was rather complicated. Come on, what's the matter? Fu Sizhong stared at Fu Yanzhi for a moment and asked first. Fu Yanzhi himself is quite magnanimous, "have you heard about it?"? The emperor made a match for his grandson and Mrs. Xu. Yes, I heard. Do you want me to propose marriage? "Yes." Fu Yanzhi relayed the emperor's confession, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable indoor park, "Grandson and Honglu Qing have discussed it. They will propose marriage on the 28th day, and they will be hired on the 26th day of the next month. The wedding date will be discussed again." Fu Sizhong nodded: "Since it is the meaning of the emperor, let's do it like this." With that, the old man sighed, "Before you came, I had just received the news that the imperial edict to depose the prince had been issued. Although he was still deposed for rebellion, he Grandson is afraid that what the clan wants can not be obtained from the Su family." Fu Sizhong stared at his nephew for a long time and asked, "What do you think the clan wants from it?" Without waiting for Fu Yanzhi to answer, he went on to say, "What else do you think I want from the Su family besides guaranteeing your career?" This word is a bit heavy, Fu Yanzhi hurriedly Shi Li admits a mistake: "It is grandson says wrong word, but grandson is not this meaning..." Fu Sizhong shook his head. "What do you think I really don't know?"? You are grateful for Xue's kindness, which is beyond reproach, but don't forget that you are a descendant of the Fu family, and you will always have the blood of the Fu clan! Speaking of this, Fu Yanzhi is not good to defend again, only to admit his mistake. Fu Sizhong looked at this grandnephew, who was the most outstanding of his descendants, and wanted to say a few more words. He also worried that he might be upset because he had just been demoted, so he stopped and said, "All right, you go back first. The King of Chu is there. When I have made an appointment, I will take you to visit him." Despite the emperor's will, they had to visit the king of Chu to express their gratitude and talk about the details before proposing marriage. Fu Yanzhi promised to withdraw and went back to his residence. When he got home, he wiped his sweat and changed his clothes, and was about to write a letter to his parents who might already be on their way to Beijing, Song Chang came. Fortunately, Mrs. Xu Guo remembers her old love! As soon as he entered the door and saw Fu Yanzhi, he said, "Otherwise, I'm afraid you're one step ahead of us!" “…… What is one step earlier? Fu Yanzhi was angry and funny. "What are you talking about?" Song Chang patted his mouth and said,Inflatable mechanical bull, "Oh, that's not what I meant!"! As long as you understand. Anyway, just don't exile! Fu Yanzhi asked him to go in and sit down. "Are you going to set off with Song Gong?" He asked. 。