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Wednesday,Feb 28, 2024
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Current Position:Home » Our News » You Long Sui Yue by Er Ya
Our News
You Long Sui Yue by Er Ya
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:415        Back to List
 "I've only been gone for three days, and I was with you in the Western Regions half a month ago, and the fourth son in his arms whispered, "Dad, his name is the same as yours." "Is this the little prince?" Gong Sunce touched his chin and looked at it. "How lovely!" Gongsun felt that Gong Sun was very congenial. He stared at the box in his hand and asked,321 stainless steel sheet, "Are you a herbalist?" "Yes." Gong Sun nodded. I have always wanted to study the medical skills of the Western Regions. Gongsun invited him upstairs. "Have dinner together?" "Yes!"! I'm a little hungry. Gong Sun generously followed Gongsun upstairs. As a result, the two actually went upstairs together, Gongsun introduced Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang, and they all took their seats. With a slight movement in his heart, Zhanzhao leaned over and asked, "Mr. Gong Sun?"? May I ask the White Prince if he has a brother who has been separated since childhood. Ah The words did not finish, let the side of Bai Yutang kicked a foot. Downstairs,316l stainless steel pipe, Bai Jintang and Zhao Pu looked at each other, Bai Jintang smiled, "Oh, it was a misunderstanding." Zhao Pu raised his eyebrows. "Brother Bai's Kung Fu is not bad." "Oh, brother Zhao is even better." Bai Jintang was quite straightforward. They didn't know each other. They laughed and went upstairs together. Zhao Pu still asked, "By the way, do you have a brother named Bai Yutang?" "Huh?" …… When they sat down for dinner, Bai Jintang stared at Bai Yutang for a long time and asked Gong Sun, "Oh, is he my brother?" Gongsun stared at him, "You are a single biography, where is the brother?!" "Is it?" Platinum Hall seems to feel pity, "it's better to go back and ask Niang if she has a red apricot out of the wall or if Dad has a love affair." Ah Gong Sun kicked him and gritted his teeth. "Can't you look like a prince?" Everyone raised an eyebrow-like Zhao Pu. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Gongsun and Gong Sun chatted very speculatively. One was proficient in the medical skills of the Central Plains, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x70 line pipe, and the other was proficient in the medical skills of the Western Regions. Bai Jintang asked Zhao Pu, did he also come to attend Li yuanhao's wedding? Zhao Pu nodded and asked him, "Are you also coming to the wedding?"? Does Li yuanhao also have contacts with the Western Regions? Bai Jintang smiled, "Li yuanhao is a careerist, he deliberately planned to annex the whole Central Plains and the Western Regions step by step, but I am not afraid of him." "Oh?" Zhaonot much to say, after all, is not very familiar, eight Wang Ye was caught or better to keep secret. I said he would definitely go, Li yuanhao is a fart ah, not to go is not afraid of him. Bai Jintang sneered disdainfully. You seem to hate Li yuanhao. Gongsun asked Bai Jintang with some puzzlement, "Has he ever offended the countries in the Western Regions?" Gong Sun and Bai Jintang both sighed and said discontentedly, "Who would like a man like Li yuanhao,uns s32760 plate, who is cruel, ambitious and insatiable." "That's true." Zhao Pu nodded. At this time, I saw a group of people coming downstairs.